Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage May Be an Effective Acne Treatment

MLD Acne Treatment

Your lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system. Consisting of a network of lymph nodes, it is responsible for draining a fluid called lymph so that it can be transported into the bloodstream. Also, it carries white blood cells and removes bodily waste to help prevent infection. If there is any obstruction in the lymphatic system, the fluid can build up. This is where a specialized massage therapy called lymphatic drainage comes in.

Traditionally, the lymphatic drainage massage was used for treating lymphedema, a condition that occurs after removing lymph nodes and is marked by chronic swelling. However, in the past few years, it has been used as an effective acne treatment. It also is the perfect weapon against skin irritation and a dull, puffy complexion. Some even call it a nonsurgical facelift. In this article, we will be discussing what manual lymphatic drainage massage is and why it is an effective acne treatment. But first, let’s start with what exactly is the lymph system.

What is the lymph system?

Have you noticed the part in your throat that swells up whenever you have a sore throat or a cold? Those are the lymph nodes. However, these are not the only lymph nodes in your body. They appear everywhere, working through different ducts, vessels, and organs. The lymph system is responsible for collecting the extra fluid from the body and filtering out excess hormones, toxins, and waste.

It is crucial for the lymphatic system to be functioning well as it not only affects your skin but also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. You can consider this as the drainage system of the body, and you must know that you shouldn’t get your drains clogged.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

The Lymphatic drainage treatment can accelerate the absorption as well as transportation of lymphatic fluids containing bacteria, proteins, viruses, and toxins. There has been evidence suggesting that this acceleration of the lymphatic system is a game-changer for lymphedema or other conditions associated with the lymphatic system.

How is lymphatic drainage massage done?

If you want to get a lymphatic drainage massage for your acne, you will need to find a professional clinic like the Orlando Massage Clinic, a highly reputed Tampa massage clinic. You will have access to a highly-trained, licensed massage therapist who will ensure that you have a safe and effective treatment. They will begin the treatment by applying gentle movements and light pressure. The movements involve stroking, tapping, pushing, and rubbing. Next, they will use all their fingers and flat hands for stretching the skin gently in the lymphatic flow direction in order to encourage drainage. The facial work will include soft brushing movements as well. The whole massage will last for about an hour.

So, if you didn’t love massages before, now you have a reason. The lymphatic massage involves using rhythmic motion and a specific amount of pressure to ensure that the lymph fluid is moving properly. Through it, you can get about 78% of your stagnant fluid into circulation, which helps get rid of acne.

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