Why Inflammation can be so bad for you and how LDM massage can help?

A LDM massage can help reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a major problem that can affect your health. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infections, physical trauma, etc. It is a weapon the body uses to defend itself. But sometimes the weapon can backfire causing serious problems. Diabetes type 2 and obesity are rampant problems that have a direct link to inflammation.

Controlling inflammation is important to ensure wellness. This is where LDM or lymphatic drain massage can help. It is a process that helps to remove toxins from the body thus reducing inflammation. A licensed massage therapist can offer a relaxing LDM massage that offers you health benefits.

The problem with inflammation

When the body is subject to infection, injuries, or any such trauma inflammation aids the body’s recovery. White blood cells and cytokines are released that can destroy microbes and heal injuries. These cells cause inflammation, which is a natural process used by the body to defend itself. Inflammation goes wrong when it negatively affects the body.

Inflammation that lasts long can cause insulin resistance, which in turn leads to diabetes type 2. Obesity leads to the production of cytokines, which cause inflammation and in turn leads to diabetes. This can increase the risk of heart problems. Inflammation can cause various types of problems from asthma to cancer. Keeping inflammation under control is thus vital.

What is LDM Massage?

LDM massage of lymphatic drainage massage is a massage treatment that helps in improving the flow of lymph in the body. When the lymph flows normally, it can help in removing toxins from the body. The massage is done by a trained therapist who uses gentle pressure to help drain lymphatic fluid.

How LDM massage can help you fight inflammation?

One of the key benefits of LDM massage is in reducing swelling. Inflammation causes swelling and through LDM massage, inflammation can be reduced. Lymphedema is a condition caused by the buildup of lymph fluid. This would lead to swelling and inflammation. The lymph that has accumulated needs to be removed. This can be done by LDM massage.

When LDM massage is done, it promotes lymph drainage. There are various factors that cause inflammation like macrophages, histamine, neutrophils, etc. Lymph drainage ensures these cells are removed to the lymph nodes and organs to be eliminated from the body. When these factors are removed from the site of inflammation, it helps in reducing inflammation.

It must be understood that the lymphatic system is like a filtration system found in water tanks that keep water fresh. If the filters are clogged, it causes the water to be dirty. In the same way, lymph blockage causes inflammation and other problems. LDM massage can help unclog this by stimulating the movement of lymph fluid, which helps to restore balance in the body.

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