What is Reiki Massage Therapy?

Reiki Massage Therapy 

Reiki, sometimes also called Reiki Massage, is designed to empower the body’s ability to heal by correcting energy imbalances deep within the body. As a hands-on therapeutic technique, Reiki promotes emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being by helping patients find deep and soothing relaxation and promoting the body’s natural healing processes. For many patients, Reiki can offer significant relief from pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Although the practice of Reiki is actually only about a hundred years old, it is premised upon ancient Eastern medical precepts that life is bound together by vital energy, known in Chinese as Qi. When our natural energy is in balance, our body has a powerful ability to heal and protect itself from disease and mental disturbances. When, however, our natural energy is blocked or becomes stagnant due to physical injury or emotional distress, for instance, our body loses that ability. Thus, by healing these imbalances, Reiki can help return the body to its natural state, enabling it to more effectively heal itself.  

A Typical Reiki Treatment Session 

Reiki is a hands-on therapeutic technique that promotes energy healing by harnessing powerful energy transfer between patient and therapist. A Reiki session can take place in any calm, peaceful, and safe setting. The patient, who remains fully clothed during the treatment, may be asked to lie down on a standard massage table or relax in a comfortable chair. The Reiki therapist then places her hands on or above the body, lingering at each specific position for between two and five minutes. There are over 20 specific zones of the body where Reiki can be most effective; the therapist will target these energy zones depending on the specific needs and goals of each patient.  

The goal of Reiki is to promote powerful feelings of relaxation and comfort while the therapist targets and heals energy blockages. As the practitioner holds her hands above the body in one of Reiki’s specific hand positions, an energy transfer takes place between the therapist and patient. The practitioner’s hands may become warm and even start to tingle. The practitioner holds that hand position until the energy flow has ceased, at which point she will begin the healing process again at a different point over the patient’s body.      

Is Reiki The Same As Massage? 

Reiki is not the same as massage therapy, although the two can overlap and are sometimes used in conjunction with each other (Reiki Massage Therapy). Most forms of massage therapy promote healing by physical manipulation of the muscles and/or fascia (the connective tissues that run throughout the body). Reiki, on the other hand, relies on patterns of energy flow between and around both the patient and the therapist. While Reiki may, in some cases, involve the therapist placing her hands lightly on the patient, it never involves physical manipulation of the musculature.  

Some patients may, however, benefit from Reiki Massage Therapy, a powerful combination of both techniques. Like Reiki, massage can also stimulate healing energy, promoting physical and emotional well-being by loosening muscles, increasing oxygen and blood flow through the body, and removing physical blocks in the body’s fascia. When combined with the energy healing of Reiki, Reiki Massage Therapy can help promote whole body wellness: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  

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