What Does an MLD massage Treatment Do?

MLD massage

The lymphatic system in the body uses fluid to remove toxins and waste. When this fluid cannot move freely, it leads to swelling in legs and arms. Some health conditions make it difficult for the lymphatic system to work properly and it leads to a buildup of fluid called lymph. It can complicate an existing health condition. Those suffering from health issues like lymphedema, fibromyalgia and others benefit from lymphatic massage provided by a licensed massage therapist. Jacqueline Bosco CMLDT, oncology offers licensed massage services to the residents of the Villages, Fl.

When to Use Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage?

This massage therapy is designed to reduce swelling that occurs after a medical treatment. This kind of swelling can also happen in an illness where the lymphatic system is blocked and the lymph fluid is unable to move forward. A licensed massage therapist knows how to drain this fluid and move it to lymph vessels that take it forward for usual processing by the heart. When the lymph fluid cannot move normally, the swelling remains present and can create other health problems.

This massage by a certified advanced manual lymphatic drainage therapist is beneficial if you are suffering from lymphedema after undergoing breast cancer surgery or due to any other health problem. You will get relief from swelling that usually occurs in legs and arms after malfunctioning of lymph vessels. The massage therapist follows effective steps to get you relief from this condition. The goal of this massage is to push lymphatic fluid to the lymph nodes. The fluid lymph that is unable to move on its own gets moving after this massage.

A Gentle and Specialized Massage Technique

This massage therapy helps you get relief from swelling. The rhythmic pumping technique used to massage is gentle and does not cause any pain or discomfort. Rather, drainage of lymphatic fluid will help you feel better and normal. The constant and rhythmic movement of this massage is designed to mimic the lymphatic system’s rhythm. The gentle manual process stimulates the fatigued and malfunctioning lymphatic system. It will restore your health to the normal condition.

When your lymphatic vessels fail, you will see some side effects. Because in this condition, body’s waste products cannot move, they are unable to get out from the body. The idea behind lymphatic drainage massage is to improve or restore the normal lymphatic drainage process. The reason this massage delivers good result is because the lymphatic system is close to the skin surface.

A licensed massage therapist uses special massage techniques to improve the health condition. This massage will help relax your nervous system, restore the normal functioning of lymphatic vessels and get you relief from pain. This service is available through a mobile massage clinic that comes to your site. Check orlandomassageclinic.com for more information.

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