Swollen lymph glands reduction with lymphatic drainage massage

Swollen lymph gland treatment

Swollen lymph glands or lymphedema is a common problem many people experience. When there are problems with the lymph system, the result is lymphedema that causes swelling, pain, and other problems. LDM or Lymphatic drainage massage by a licensed massage therapist can help reduce swollen lymph glands.

The massage can be a relaxing experience that helps to activate the lymphatic system. It can help smooth flow of lymph fluid. This not only gets rid of toxins from the body, but also helps to clear lymphedema.


The lymphatic system in the body comprises the lymph nodes and lymph vessels. A fluid named lymph is created that contains waste products from the body with water, protein, and other immune system factors. The lymph is removed to filter out all the waste. The ‘purified’ lymph then goes back into the system.

Sometimes, the lymph fluid may not be drained out. The result is fluid accumulation in the arms and legs. This cause swelling of the lymph glands and lymphedema. The swelling can cause a feeling of heaviness, pain, and itching on the skin. The solution to treat this problem is to restore the working of the lymphatic system and drain out the lymph fluid.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a relaxing massage that helps to remove lymph, offering relief from swelling. The massage offers two results:

  1. It helps to clear the lymphatic fluid that has accumulated and resulted in swelling.
  2. The lymph then moves towards the lymph nodes from where the waste is eliminated.

The massage therapist would use gentle pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system. A series of massage techniques are used to achieve desired results. The objective is to stretch the skin towards the direction of lymph flow.

If you are interested to get a lymphatic drainage massage done, then you may want to know how the process works.

  • The pressure applied is gentle. The patient would lie down and need to practice diaphragmatic breathing.
  • The massage therapist would use slow movements that are rhythmical.
  • It starts from the proximal area and moves to the distal area.
  • First, the areas of the body and lymph nodes that are not affected are massaged first.
  • No oil is used. Hand movements are used to stretch the skin.

There are four LDM approaches, any of which could be used:

  1. Vodder: It uses varied hand motions and is mostly used to treat fibrosis.
  2. Foldi: Thrust and relaxation techniques are used with encircling strokes to treat lymphedema.
  3. Casley-Smith: Here, gentle movements are done with the side of the hand.
  4. Leduc: These movements focus on moving the lymph into the lymphatics.

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