Removing Debris In The Brain’s Lymphatic Drainage System With MLD Massage May Help Improve Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage May Help Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patients

MLD Massage May Help Improve Multiple Sclerosis (MS) An important question when it comes to the research on multiple sclerosis is how the immune cells are able to travel to the brain as well as the spinal cord. These are what end up causing maximum damage in MS. It was also discovered recently that the lymphatic vessels, which are also known as the waste draining system, is in fact linked to the brain.

Another study was done which was able to show that the lymphatic vessels are responsible for draining waste products. This is what enables immune cells to move through the body. If these lymphatic vessels are blocked, then it could lessen the effects of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis and the Lymphatic System

Multiple sclerosis is what happens when there is an immune attack on both the spinal cord as well as the brain. This attack is done by the immune cells, which try to target the costing of myelin on the nerve fibres. An important question when it comes to MS research is how it’s possible for immune cells to enter as well as exit a person’s brain. How is it possible for the immune cells to cause this level damage.

Until recently, researchers used to think that the brain wasn’t connected to the lymphatic system. This lymphatic system is essentially a network made of tubes, known as the lymph vessels. These lymph vessels share similarities with blood vessels as well. Lymph vessels are responsible for transporting lymph across the body.

The lymphatic system also needs to clear toxins within the body, as well as provide important nutrients to tissues. The lymphatic system has an important role to play as far as immunity is concerned. A licensed massage therapist can provide you with an MLD massage. This can in turn help in the removal of debris in the brain, which is what helps when dealing with MS.

It was discovered in 2015 that the lymph vessels are connected to the brain. As a result, MS researchers were left trying to figure out what link existed between the human brain as well as the body. Due to this research, many people believed that lymphatic vessels had provided a way to the immune cells of the body to enter the brain. This can lead to the kind of damage that has been seen in multiple sclerosis patients.

MLD Massage And Multiple Sclerosis

A study that was revealed in the journal ‘Nature Neuroscience’ showed that lymph vessels within the brain perform functions similar to lymph vessels in other parts of the body. It essentially drains waste products such as the cerebral spinal fluid. These lymph vessels also allow immune cells to do surveillance work in the brain.

With the help of a licensed massage therapist, you can enjoy an MLD Massage. This can in turn have the effect of helping you deal better with multiple sclerosis.

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