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PTSD Treatment for Children

Studies and research have proven that people suffering from a traumatic situation can continue with the unnatural feeling for years. Unless it is curtailed through some form of therapy, a child who has been through the ring will never get over the trauma. There are proven ways to help the kid from getting past these problems by talking things over with a certified counselor.

It can take a while, however, to get a kid to open up especially if s/he has been at the receiving end of a terrible situation on the home front or elsewhere. Most often people do not open up about the problem and that is where massage therapy works rather well as this not only gets the child to relax but also slowly accept that this new environment offers succor and not something worrisome.

The power of touch soothes away the stormiest of problems in the mind of a child or an adult. The prime benefit that one experiences during a massage is significant changes in the brain’s chemistry. The stress hormone, Cortisol is released by applying controlled and relaxed pressure by the Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. Any physical pain or mental anguish that the child has been bottling up for a long time, is slowly eased away, which ultimately helps relax the body and the brain. The feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin increase with the light, precise touch of the trained specialist.

The correlation between anxiety, fear, depression, pain and a deep embarrassment are some of the symptoms of PTSD. Unfortunately, a child, who experiences this trauma or has experienced trauma, feels that she or he cannot relate to normal circumstances because of the underlying pain. The licensed massage therapist located in Orlando, Florida helps the child to recover from the traumatic event, gradually.

Massage therapy is actually instrumental in helping ease away the knots in the body that have taken root in the brain which caused the person to drift between the fearful situation of the past and the present reality. Sometimes neither seem real to the person and one of the methods that really does away with the traumatic experience is a soothing touch.

At the Orlando Massage Clinic, the child who diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder is helped by the therapies to overcome the problems with a proven treatment plan. For a child dealing with the trauma, s/he may freeze and withdraw into herself or himself. Since she or he does not have the strength or the veracity of knowing the extent of the damage, it can cause developmental delays and result in neuroendocrine abnormalities.

By ironing out the problems with the right pressure, the rapid and erratic heartbeats stop in favor of normal breathing. Sweating and a general tone of unrest are slowly removed by the certified expert. The parent or guardian must seek the expertise of a licensed professional. A general masseuse is not the answer to the problem; you need someone who is qualified to treat a child to help her or him resolve the internal conflict, period.

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