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Prenatal Massage Therapy

The best time in a woman’s life is when she is pregnant. During this time, she glows as she radiates love from within. The flipside is when the swelling, headaches, leg cramps, backaches, frequent urination, erratic bowel movement and stiff necks occur.

At the Orlando Massage Clinic, women beat the bloat and tension. The massage reduces stress on the joints that bear an excessive load, the flow of blood is stimulated and the lymphatic drainage is worked to a tempo to encourage circulation. Once the stress points have been ironed out with the right pressure by the expert, the woman can rest and cut back on depression or anxiety that can transfer to the child because of hormonal changes.

The Certified Massage Therapist ensures that the patient is comfortable during massage sessions. Soft cushions are used so that excessive strain on the back, especially the lower region and the pelvic area, do not feel the pressure. To ensure that there is no discomfort or strain, the therapist uses certain massage techniques to ease the problem effectively without causing any damage to the baby.

The first trimester is when women experience a change in their rhythm because they were used to a certain way of life, prior to being ‘knocked up’! During the second trimester, the patient at the clinic is provided with cushioned support that is placed strategically under one hip so that there is a slight elevation.

Reflexology and Swedish prenatal massage therapy are ideal at the time. The patient is encouraged to address any problems that she is facing. Stress can cause muscle tension resulting in migraines and even tension headaches. Muscle spasms or cramps are slowly eased away.

The additional weight of a baby adds to muscular tension resulting in edema, fatigue and some amount of pain.  The licensed massage therapist ensures that the mother gets the right amount of rest during the gestation period and later. Relieving the problems arising in the body is what you get with the right therapist.

Strange cravings are a part of a pregnancy. Mothers, who disliked certain foods before getting pregnant, suddenly develop a craving for something strange. Most often, it does not cause any upset to the stomach, but eating raw food or food that is undercooked will definitely result in trouble. The right dose of exercise, for a normal or low-risk pregnancy along with a massage therapy program, will ensure a healthy nine months.

In Orlando, Florida if the patient experiences any discomfort during the session, she must let the expert know – it is important. This is the time in a woman’s life when she cannot leave anything to chance as she is carrying a baby and she needs to do what is right for her and the little one.

To ensure that the mother and child are in perfect harmony, the specialized therapist using the right massage technique. By keeping the communication going between the two (mother and baby in the womb), massage works wonders. Both get to rest and relax without bringing stress and discomfort to the table.

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