Post Pregnancy Lymphatic Massages After Giving Birth – Rid Your System Of Epidural Toxins

MLD Will Help Rid Your System of Epidural Toxins

Epidurals for pain relief are often given to women in labour to help with birthing pain. An epidural is administered to the lower half of the body, especially the back.

An epidural might be necessary in the case of certain complications including, a C-section delivery. A doctor might prescribe it to patients abnormally anxious or fearful of the anticipated pain. A woman can also opt for it while going through labor in case the pain becomes unbearable.

Benefits of Epidurals 

  • Painless delivery
  • Reduces the pain of a caesarean delivery


Some risk factors like back pain, persistent fever, bleeding, and a drop in blood pressure can put the life of the mother and the child in danger. However, these are rare complications often manageable by supplementary medicines.

What is bothersome is the complications that occur post-pregnancy. This includes:

  • Weakness or numbness
  • Possible nerve damage may be caused due to blood clotting during the application of the epidural.
  • Infection
  • Compression of the spinal cord
  • Toxic reactions within the spinal cord may cause paralysis.

Epidural toxicity happens when an improper amount of the anesthetic agent is applied or when the anesthetic agent is applied improperly. The drugs commonly used in epidurals include Bupivacaine, Lidocaine, Ropivacaine, and Chloroprocaine.

How may post-pregnancy Lymphatic Massage reduce the long-term risks of epidural administration?

Among the complications mentioned above, weakness and numbness, infection and, toxic reactions resulting from the epidural administration are the most common. Lymphatic massage not only restores the lost energy but also detoxes the body of the toxin. But, first, let’s see how the lymphatic system works.

The lymphatic system forms a complex network of tissues and organs consisting of but not limited to the tonsils, the spleen, the thymus and the adenoids.

The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transfer lymph across the body. Lymph is the fluid containing the infection-resistant white blood cells. The second function of the lymphatic system is to rid the body of toxins and wastes.

Lymphatic massage regulates the flow of the lymph, which, in turn, boosts immunity and encourages speedy removal of the toxins.

How does Lymphatic Massage work? 

A licenced lymphatic massage therapist will apply gentle pressures and relaxing strokes on the target areas. The massage will help reduce the post-pregnancy stress along with rejuvenating the lymphatic system. The massage will encourage the fluid (lymph) to transport the wastes and the toxins, including epidural residues, to the lymphatic nodes and eliminate them from the body. The lymphatic nodes are present near the gut, armpits, neck, groin and between the lungs.

A new mother is more susceptible to infection. Lymphatic massage improves the ability of the lymphatic system to carry oxygen and white blood cells crucial to fighting viruses and bacteria.

Other benefits of lymphatic massage after pregnancy 

Fluid retention is a common problem women face after pregnancy. Many also suffer from poor metabolism. Both factors contribute to weight gain. Lymphatic massage can help the body to eliminate the excess fluid naturally and efficiently. Some studies show women who have received postpartum lymphatic massage have seen a 70% reduction in swelling. Lymphatic massage also initiates weight reduction by improving body metabolism. Lymphatic massage also helps regulate breast milk.

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