Massage Training to Help With a Child’s Autism Symptoms

Autism Massage Training Ideal for Parents & Caregivers of Children Coping With Autism

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​Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) massage is a proven, touch-based autism treatment for children that parents perform for 15 minutes each day for up to two years to normalize sensory issues and reduce or eliminate symptoms of autism. Results are apparent after as few as 30 days of treatment. Being trained under a licensed massage therapist will give you all the guidance and know how you need in order to provide the most relaxing of massages. You need specialized training if you want to work with children who have autism. In order to give them the best and most relaxing of massages, you need to know special techniques and a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist from Tampa Massage Clinic can help you do just that.

Through this advanced training, participants learn to provide massage therapy, nurturing touch techniques, touch therapy, tactile introduction, sensory stimulation & integration for children who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To Touch or Not to Touch

The common belief that children with autism do not like to be touched is false. Autism is characterized with sensory malfunction and dysfunction of the tactile system, often making a child averse to certain sights, sounds, smells or touch.

Given that children with autism have been reported to be opposed to physical contact, it is interesting that many of their parents, as well as massage therapists are finding great success in the use of massage therapy.

Common Disorders

We are living during times where there is a substantial increase in the number of children with disorders. Ranging from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, to Aspergers to Autism, more and more children today find themselves having to cope with difficulties in life from an early age. In order to give them a more relaxing experience through massages, specialized training is required that teaches you exactly what to do and how to help these children feel better and more relaxed. In general, a good massage has the capacity to induce relaxation, improve the attention span and even give a good night’s sleep.

It is difficult to pin point exactly what causes autism, or disorders associated with that spectrum. Children suffering from autism tend to have inhibited reasoning, interaction, communication and motor skills. A child who has autism will also tend to have poor verbal and non verbal communication skills as well as stay away from group play activities. Research suggests that a good massage can help to reduce stress levels in a child with autism while making them more relaxed. Muscle spasms can also be dealt with in this manner as well. A good therapy can also work towards making the child more susceptible towards communication. Not only does it improve the attention span of the child, it also works to improve their behavior in social settings as well. To prevent the child from withdrawing within themselves, having a regular sense of touch from a licensed massage therapist can work to make them more integrated into society. After the massage, they will be more relaxed, with an increased attention span, and work towards a better social integration into society.

Nurturing Touch

A nurturing touch is always pivotal when dealing with children. It can reduce stress levels, make them feel good and make the body more attuned to what is happening around them. For children with autism, there is a lot to learn about them and from them as well. When participating in an autism massage training, you will learn all about the disorder and how it affects children. Using this information in tandem with massage techniques, you can become a good masseur and start working with children in no time.

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