Massage to Relieve Post-Operative Plastic or Orthopedic Surgery Pain 

Post-Operative Pain Treatment Massage

Patients who undergo general surgery, plastic surgery or orthopedic surgery need special care after the operation. This includes a period of rest and rehabilitation. To increase the rate of recovery, some forms of post-operative massages might be recommended. These massages should only be performed under the guidance of a licensed massage therapist. For any query, you should approach a reliable facility such as the Orlando Massage Clinic.

Benefits of Post-Operative Massage

Massaging the affected area after an invasive surgery provides many benefits to the patient. It can help in recovery and reduce the amount of scarring associated with cutting and stitching the skin.

Repairing the Soft Tissue

A licensed massage therapist can carefully target specific areas to increase blood flow and boost circulation. This will ensure that the blood flows freely to the affected areas, carrying all the nutrients and oxygen required by those parts to heal and repair properly.

Reduction in Scar Tissue

Many invasive procedures tend to leave a nasty scar behind. Though scars are harmless, they can damage your appearance and result in lower self-esteem. Proper massage techniques ensure that the blood circulates properly to the affected areas. This allows the wound to heal properly. It keeps the skin supple and well-nourished and therefore reduces the amount of scarring. Even existing scar tissue can be broken by the right massage technique leading to the regeneration of fresh skin.

Faster Healing

When the blood flows freely through your body with optimum circulation, your surgery wound heals at a much faster rate. This also alleviates the overall stress in your body to further promote healing. With the correct massage techniques, you will spend less time in recovery and commence your daily life faster and better.

Types of Post-Operative Massage

There are many types of post-operative massages available to the patients. Your doctor will discuss with a licensed massage therapist and decide the best massage suited for you. Essentially, there are two major types of massages recommended for post-operative care –

LDM (Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage involves carefully removing excess fluid stuck in the lymph nodes. After most surgeries, the lymph nodes become prone to swelling and filling up with fluid. If this issue is not treated, the patient can experience discomfort and even pain in certain cases. Building up of fluids in the lymph nodes can also restrict movement and impede the healing process.

So, Lymphatic Drainage Massage is prescribed to clear up the lymph nodes. Certain target areas are massaged with the required pressure to ease the swelling in the lymph nodes. This allows the patient to rest properly and recover faster.

Transverse Friction Massage

The purpose of Transverse Friction is to prevent scar tissues from forming. This technique can also help reduce existing scar tissue. A licensed massage therapist applies pressure to specific spots around the wound or scar tissue to ensure that it heals with minimal scarring. In the long run, Transverse Friction can reduce the pain associated with wound healing.


A rest period between surgery and massage therapy is recommended. Also, you should not do anything on your own discretion. Please follow the instructions and guidance of the doctor and the licensed massage therapist for best results.

Visit The Right Place

If you live in Orlando, Florida then the Orlando Massage Clinic is a great place to visit. It is run by  Jacqueline Bosco, an experienced and reputed licensed massage therapist. She will ensure you receive an effective post-operative massage for faster healing and minimal scarring.

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