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A massage is a way to allow muscle tension as well as stiffness to fade away. You can also remove the effects of fatigue, and relax better. Massages can also be great for stress relief, allowing you to improve your emotional well-being. Massage for breast cancer patients in The Villages, Florida, can leave you feeling better.

Some people report worrying about their massage causing breast cancer to spread. Please note that there is no evidence to support this. Even if you’re currently undergoing chemotherapy, you can still enjoy the benefits of massage, from a licensed massage therapist in The Villages, Florida.

Benefits of Getting a Massage If You Have Breast Cancer

Experiencing and dealing with breast cancer can be a trying time. A good massage from a licensed massage therapist can enable you to feel better physically, as well as emotionally.

Taking the time to book a massage session for yourself, is also a way to treat yourself. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, people often report feeling stressed. The amount of daily activity they do reduces as well. These can also contribute towards pain in the joints, or even muscle tension. A good massage is a way to relieve a lot of these symptoms, allowing you to feel more relaxed as a result.

Getting a Massage From A Therapist

When you call in to book your appointment, let them know about your breast cancer. Once you start choosing your massage, opt for something that is relaxing. This means avoiding deep tissue massage, and similar massages.

If you have lymphoedema, then your licensed massage therapist should not give you a massage around the area near your arms and shoulder. You can also opt for a manual lymphatic drainage massage, which is a special kind of massage therapy that can help you to boost lymphatic liquid flow.

Should you feel sore from your surgery, or any kind of discomfort, you can ask your licensed massage therapist to give you extra cushions. These act as support during your massage session. Usually, a massage at a place like Orlando Massage Clinic in Orlando, Florida, can last up to an hour. The time of sessions can vary from anywhere between thirty minutes, all the way to ninety minutes. Once your massage is over, the licensed massage therapist will usually leave the room, allowing you to relax. Should you feel any pain of extra pressure during the massage, you can ask your licensed massage therapist to adjust their pressure.

Jacqueline Bosco LMT is a licensed massage therapist in The Villages, who you can consider for breast cancer massage.

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