Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage May Help to Reduce Fatigue Symptoms Related to Long COVID

MLD May Help to Reduce Long COVID Symptoms

The potential that Covid-19 had to leave behind long-term effects were already discovered during the early days of the pandemic. However, a study conducted regarding the effects of lymphatic drainage massage on patients with long Covid, has led to some surprising results.

Lymphatic drainage massage, when done by a licensed massage therapist, has the capability of alleviating many of the symptoms associated with long Covid.

The Methods Used in the Study

The study of the effects of lymphatic drainage massage on patients with long Covid was done weekly. These treatment sessions were face-to-face. The techniques used include effluerage as well as other articulatory techniques that are manual. The individuals who were provided with the treatment also had to do self-massages on a daily basis.

They were asked to do gentle exercises for mobility as well. The patients were then asked to record what symptoms they had. This was done through a self-report which had 54 items in it. These items were related to profile of fatigue-related states, or PFRS. They had to provide their self-reports twice, once before and once after the treatment.

The Findings of the Study: Long Covid and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The average age of male patients in the study was around 41.8 years. Male patients were within the ages of 29 as well as 53. The average age of female patients in this study was around 39.3 years. Female patients in this study fell between the ages of 28 and 50. It was also ensured that none of the people participating had any previous diagnosis related to chronic fatigue syndrome.

During the initial assessment, all participants were new to the clinic. When it comes to treatment sessions, the average number of session for men was 9.7, and for women was 9.4. When it comes to PFRS scores, men witnessed a reduction of 41.8%. Women on the other hand, experienced a reduction of 60.5%.

When it comes to subscale scores that were the highest, on average it was seen to be fatigue. The lowest for the same was somatic symptoms. According to the scores of the subscale, a reduction of around 50% was witnessed after the intervention. The reduction in the score also related to a decrease in how severe the symptoms of long Covid were.

These findings suggest that lymphatic drainage massage can help to reduce symptoms related to fatigue. People suffering from long Covid often report feeling tired. With the help of a licensed massage therapist, a lymphatic drainage massage can enable you to feel more energized.

When it comes to dealing with long Covid, early intervention with the help of a licensed massage therapist has shown to have the best results.

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