Manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema following breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer recovery treatment

When someone suffers from breast cancer, they usually are treated through surgery or radiation therapy. In both these cases, post-treatment lymphedema in the breast region is common. The lymph nodes near the affected areas are usually removed during surgery. This can lead to a blockage in the flow of lymph leading to lymphedema.

When lymphedema occurs after breast cancer treatment, the only viable treatment is MLD or manual lymphatic drainage. When the massage is done by a certified advanced manual lymphatic drainage therapist you can expect relief from symptoms.

What happens in lymphedema?

Lymphedema that happens after breast cancer treatment can occur immediately after surgery. It can also occur some weeks after the treatment. Both these forms of lymphedema occur due to the treatment and usually resolve on their own after some time. A third type can occur many months or a few years after the treatment. This requires treatment failing which the symptoms can worsen.

Lymphedema after breast cancer treatment causes the following symptoms:

  • Fullness or heaviness in the breast and surrounding areas (including the arms).
  • Pain in the arm.
  • Swelling in the hand.
  • Weakness in the arm.
  • Difficulty in moving or bending the shoulder, wrist, or fingers.

The key to resolving these symptoms is ensuring lymph drainage. While exercise and wearing compression garments can help, massage is more effective.

Using MLD to treat lymphedema in the breast

MLD done by a licensed massage therapist can ensure the lymph gets drained out of the affected area. When this happens, all the symptoms can get resolved quickly. A trained therapist would carry out the massage using gentle movements that help in stretching the skin. The movements are done in such a way that the lymph moves from the swollen area towards the lymph nodes in other parts of the body.

Also, the massage would help in softening tissues that have become hard. The overall effect of the massage would lead to reduced pain in the affected areas. The muscles would also be relaxed making the patient feel comfortable. Multiple sessions would be needed until the lymph is drained and all symptoms resolved.

If you are looking for a massage therapist to treat lymphedema in the breast, then you need to find a reliable therapist. You need to find an experienced therapist would has treat many patients before. Our mobile massage clinic in the Villages, FL can help you in getting the best treatment for your condition.

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