Lymphatic Massages Can Relieve The Pain From Headaches Caused By Change In The Weather

What are Barometric Pressure Headaches?

Migraines and headaches can prove to be quite debilitating as they often come unannounced. They can impair our everyday functioning and make it quite hard to enjoy life. There are times when the headaches are accompanied by changing weather. These are known as barometric pressure headaches, as they are induced by the changes in the barometric pressure due to weather changes. The barometric pressure is the amount of force in the air that is being applied to the body. Many individuals get headaches because of this pressure because the sinuses are also filled with air.

The headaches associated with barometric pressure usually occur after the barometric pressure drops, especially in rainy or humid weather. It can often be accompanied by other symptoms like-

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Numbness around the face and neck
  • Pain in temples

Lymphatic Drainage for Barometric Pressure Headaches

The barometric pressure headaches do not just affect our ability to perform daily activities but can also affect our cognitive functioning and cause visual impairments. If repeated visits to the doctors and specialists are not helping in relieving you from the pain, then you can consider lymphatic drainage as a form of alternative therapy. Manual lymphatic drainage massage can significantly reduce the duration and frequency of these headaches.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a form of massage therapy that is usually performed by a licensed massage therapist or a certified MLD therapist. The procedure promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body by a rhythmic massage technique that is very light. It is quite different from the deep tissue massage and the movements are very light and promote relaxation. The repetitive and sequential light movements are known to provide an analgesic effect that significantly reduces the pain associated with headaches. Individuals who experience barometric headaches often have a hyperexcitable sympathetic nervous system, which can lead to pain because of dysfunctional neurotransmitters. Manual lymph drainage can reduce the pain signals being sent to the brain by suppressing the sympathetic nervous system.

The MLD massage is a holistic therapy for giving a tune-up to the lymphatic system. The manual stimulation increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which reinvigorates the immune system and removes any kind of harmful toxins. The therapy usually concentrates on the lymph nodes under the jawline, while the lymph nodes for stimulating the sinus are located under the mandible. An MLD massage for relieving barometric headaches usually consists of a face massage to warm up the muscles, after which the lymph nodes are stimulated. This helps in removing any kind of congestive material from the facial area.

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