Lymphatic drainage massage for recovery following orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgery recovery treatment

If you have undergone orthopedic surgery, then there would be some amount of swelling after the surgery. Normally, doctors prescribe medication, ice pack, or elevating the affected part. But when this doesn’t give the desired results, lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) should be considered an option. Getting the massage done through a Licensed massage therapist in the Villages, FL can help in better recovery.

What is Lymphatic drainage massage?

 MLD is a massage technique where the aim is to stimulate the smooth working of the lymphatic system in the body. Lymph carries away toxins and waste substances to the lymph nodes from where they are eliminated out of the body. If the lymph blow is blocked due to any reason, it can cause different kinds of problems including swelling.

MLD is done by applying pressure gently on the affected regions in such a way that the lymph gets drained out. When MLD is done in a systematic way by a Certified advanced manual lymphatic drainage therapist in the Villages, FL it can provide relief from swelling and related symptoms.

How MLD helps post-orthopedic surgery?

When a patient undergoes orthopedic surgery, swelling is common in the affected areas. As a result of the surgery, the natural drainages in those areas would be affected. This could lead to accumulation of lymph causing blockage. This blockage can worsen the swelling and also slow down the process of recovery.

In such a situation, MLD can be very helpful. A trained practitioner would carry out the massage in such a way that the drainages are removed. The massage is done applying pressure at the proper areas. This would help in stimulating the lymphatic system and restoring its smooth working. As a result, lymph would start to flow again.

When the lymph moves out, the swelling would start to reduce. This would hasten the process of healing, helping the patient to recover fast. Also, when the lymphatic system starts to work well waste from the affected areas are effectively moved away to be removed from the body. This also helps in smoother recovery.

It has been seen that MLD can accelerate the process of healing after a surgery. This is why many orthopedic surgeons are recommending MLD to their patients. It is a safe and effective way of improving healing.

If you are looking for MLD services, then you can get in touch with the best Mobile massage clinic at the Villages, FL. Their trained therapists will help you in the process of recovery from your orthopedic surgery.

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