Lymphatic Drainage Massage Can Help Reduce Swelling in the Legs

MLD Can Reduce Swelling in the Legs

Swelling in the feet is a common occurrence but can be bothersome. It is caused due to hot temperatures or poor functioning of your veins in terms of return of blood flow. Swelling in the legs can leave legs that feel heavy and far from comfortable. The conventional ways to treat this are compression socks, phytotherapy and pressotherapy.

Nonetheless, none of the traditional therapies may work, and a more effective cure may be dealt by the professional hands of a licensed massage therapist. A lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce swelling of the legs. This is a manual technique used to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid reduce stagnation of lymph fluid causing issues like swelling.

How Legs Become Heavy

Any licensed massage therapist will tell you that heaviness in your legs may be caused by a range of factors. These include hereditary causes like poor flow in the veins, prolonged sitting or standing, smoking, heat, and being overweight. The result of any of these could be your legs feeling swollen, heavy, leaving you with difficulty in walking. The swelling, in the worst cases, could be complicated by varicose veins and edemas.

Lymphatic Drainage – The Help Swollen Feet Need

A Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist can give you the lowdown on how lymphatic drainage massages work, but you can read about it here too. Lymph is a fluid, colorless, that flows through the network of ducts and vessels of the lymphatic system. This fluid pretty much flows throughout the body. The lymphatic system plays a key role in the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

In this way, it keeps your immune system in balance. The toxins flow to lymph nodes and here antibodies are created to fight infections and toxins. Antibodies flow into the bloodstream and fight off any bacteria and innocuous substances causing disease.  The lymphatic drainage massage is a manual massage technique performed by a trained professional. It aids in stimulating and encouraging the stagnant lymph to flow and alleviate any symptoms like swollen feet.

Relief from Heavy Legs

By relieving heaviness in the leg regions, due to the improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, the lymphatic drainage massage can help you to feel light. Swollen feet pose a challenge to your daily functioning and massages done consistently give you the relief you need.

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