Lymphatic Drainage Massage Can Help Allergies

Allergy Treatments with MLD Massage

The human body is composed of a system that is responsible for immunity. This system, the lymphatic system consists of a complex array of vessels and ducts responsible for transferring WBCs (white blood cells) and antibodies to tissues and organs. These antibodies and cells play a key role in the body’s immune response, fending off attacks from bacteria and toxins. The lymphatic system makes use of many muscles to transfer lymphatic fluid through ducts and vessels. These muscles can be stimulated by a licensed massage therapist to encourage faster and positive movement to aid in your body’s rejuvenation. This is known as “lymphatic drainage”.

Treating Allergies with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage is a very specialized technique and can only be conducted by a licensed massage therapist. Normal movement of lymph can be altered and slowed due to factors like stress, inactivity, fatigue, infection, cold weather, chemical imbalances and heredity and age. The lymphatic drainage massage done by a Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist can stimulate your lymphatic drainage system to alleviate negative symptoms like those posed by allergies, for instance.

By lymphatic drainage therapy, a therapist can remove harmful toxins, making them flow out faster. In the case of allergies, a therapist targets areas under the jaw line. When the flow of lymphatic fluid increases due to the light massage, toxins causing allergic reactions tend to filter out of your body fast, alleviating symptoms and giving you relief.

Targeted Allergy Treatment

Whether at a mobile massage clinic or any other, any trained lymphatic drainage therapist can perform the treatment to aid in allergy relief. The massage increases circulation and the flow of lymph, treating the lymph nodes that exist below the jaw. These are associated with the sinuses and play a key role in allergic reactions. Skilled therapists know how to stimulate the pea-sized lymph nodes in the specific areas to relieve allergies.

Treating Allergies with Success

Allergies affect several people every year, and the number is only increasing with additional pollution and changes in environmental conditions. The lymphatic drainage massage is a harmless way to treat conditions with success and without the harmful effects of traditional medication.

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