Helping Digestive Issues and IBS With Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Digestive Issue Treatment Options

The question of diet as well as digestion is one that is quite controversial. This is as there are many people who choose to partake in diets, in an effort to reduce or control their weight. Depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs can lead to detrimental effects over the long run.

The easiest resolution to dealing with digestive problems, is to fix your diet. A nutritionist will be able to guide you regarding what kind of food you should consume. But say even after fixing your diet, your digestive problems still don’t disappear. What do you do then?

The Abdominal Region and Lymphatic Vessels 

The abdominal region is one that is rich in lymphatic vessels. There are roughly 800 lymphatic vessels in your abdominal region alone. This number is far larger than anywhere else in your body. Lymphatic vessels from your lower limbs as well as your reproductive organs, join together in the form of digestive lymphatic vessels. These end up meeting in the cisterna chyli.

The cisterna chyli is the biggest lymphatic node present in the body. It also has the task of both filtering as well as sorting fats and proteins during the process of digestion.

When The Lymphatic Flow Isn’t Ideal

Having lymphatic flow that is sub-optimal can lead to a lot of side-effects. You can experience constipation, swelling, bloating, and more. This is due to the fatty acids that are long-haired, and proteins, which have a larger molecule size. Due to their larger size, the venous system finds it difficult to carry these molecules.

It then becomes the responsibility of the lymphatic system to help in transporting these molecules. Should there be sub-optimal flow in the lymphatic system, or any kind of blockage, then this can negatively effect the process of digestion.

Treating The Effects of Sub-Optimal Lymphatic Flow

When it comes to issues like constipation as well as bloating, lymphatic drainage massage can be an effective way to treat it. A lymphatic drainage massage from a licensed massage therapist will enable you to kick-start your process of digestion. In order to do this, the licensed massage therapist will need to understand what the cause of the lymphatic blockage is.

I’m cases where there is a history of surgery, the lymphatic system could have been damaged during the surgery. There are also cases where the cause is a genetic anomaly. More often however, it’s a lymphatic flow that is lethargic, that’s causing the problem.

The techniques your licensed massage therapist will use will depend on what the causes of your digestive problems are. If there is any kind of damage to your lymphatic system, then your licensed massage therapist will try to create pathways that are new. Should the lymphatic system be lethargic  then the massage therapist will aim to stimulate your lymphatic flow.

The rhythmic movements that come with a lymphatic drainage massage can also stimulate the muscles in the digestive system.

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