Get a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Facial Surgery for Best Results

MLD After Facial Procedures

Facial procedures are helpful in improving a person’s aesthetic appearance. These procedures can make a person look younger and improve the appearance of the skin. Most facial procedures are invasive and lead to many side effects. This includes swelling, bruising, formation of scar tissue, pain, etc. Manual lymphatic drainage massage can help facilitate quick recovery after facial procedures.

Orlando massage clinic is a massage center that offers different types of massages. Jakki Bosco, a licensed massage therapist with vast experience, runs the clinic. The various kinds of massages offered include manual lymphatic drainage massage, pre-natal massage, therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, etc. She is a certified lymphatic drainage therapist.

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Manual lymphatic drainage massage (LMD) is a gentle and rhythmic massage done with the objective of stimulating the lymphatic system. The lymph glands can be blocked either due to conditions like Lipedema or due to the after-effects of surgery. This can cause swelling, pain, and other symptoms. An LMD would help drain lymph from blocked glands thus providing relief from symptoms. It also helps stimulate the lymphatic system to ensure smooth recovery from the after-effects of surgeries.

Why LMD for Facial procedures?

People undergo facial procedures to look younger and for aesthetic benefits. Some of the common facial procedures people undergo include a facelift, eye lift, neck lift, and surgery on the nose. These procedures usually involve surgery and are invasive. The surgery leads to common side effects like bruising, swelling, and pain. Recovery from these side effects can be a painful experience.

Apart from the physical pain, the patient can be depressed because of the side effects. This can increase stress and make the recovery take more time. Blockage of the lymph flow is one of the common side effects of a facial procedure. LMD can help in the drainage of lymph. This has a positive impact on swelling and bruising helping to provide relief from these symptoms.

Benefits of undergoing LMD for facial procedures

A patient who has gone undergone a facial procedure would want to recover from the swelling and bruising quickly so they can resume their normal life. They would also be concerned about the scar tissue and would want it to heal fast. LMD can help in this. There are multiple benefits of undergoing a manual lymphatic drainage massage. They include:

1)    Speeds up the recovery process. LMD helps in quick recovery. Massage therapy helps to reduce stress thus ensuring a better recovery.

2)    Removes blockage and ensures smooth lymph flow. It also stimulates the working of the lymphatic system.

3)    Provides relief from pain, which is a major benefit of LMD.

4)    Helps to solve the problem of swelling and bruising. This allows for a quicker recovery so the patient can resume a normal life.

5)    Softens scar tissue quickly.

6)    Smoothens lumps and bumps on the skin, which is an area of concern for those who have undergone the procedure.

7)    Regenerates nerve pathways.

All these benefits explain why it is advisable to undergo a manual lymphatic drainage massage to recovery quickly and seamlessly after a facial procedure.

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