Depression Treatment for Children Using Massage

Pediatric Massage to Treat Depression

There is a noticeable increase in the levels of depression in children from all walks of life and ages. The symptoms range from severe mood swings, sudden outbursts, withdrawing from society, acute sadness and an overall change in behavior. Limited interest in food, change in sleeping patterns, peer pressure, bullying, not being able to catch up in class, and no friends, among others, can be some of the reasons for depression.

The Rate of Childhood Depression

Approximately 2.5% of children in the United States suffer from depression. During childhood years, both boys and girls appear to be at equal risk for depressive disorders. Depression is significantly more common in boys under the age of 10 and by age 16, girls have a greater incidence of depression. During adolescence, girls are twice as likely as their male counterparts to develop depression. Often, children who develop major depression are more likely to have a family history of the disorder. While children show differences in rates of depression between gender, when it comes to symptom severity, there is no difference.

Symptoms of Childhood Depression

  • Irritability or anger
  • Continuous feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Social withdrawal
  • Increased sensitivity to rejection
  • Changes in appetite (either increased or decreased)
  • Changes in sleep (sleeplessness or excessive sleep)
  • Vocal outbursts or crying

Certain triggers may bring out this sudden change in mood accompanied by a constant feeling of despair. Talking things over with your child is a great start. In addition to this, a child’s massage by a certified pediatric massage therapist also helps reduce levels of anxiety and helps deal with stress related hormones

It is hardly an easy choice to prep a child for a massage, let alone a counseling session. Evidence has proven that non-invasive therapeutic methodology works. It is worth the effort to get your child the treatment they deserve before the situation gets bleaker than it possibly can. Massage therapists at the Orlando Massage Clinic address physical and emotional care for all patients.

Reliable practitioners ensure that safe positioning and suitable support for the child is available during the therapeutic sessions. In case the child needs emotional empowerment, slow and powered treatment in staggered sessions motivates the child.

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Pediatric Massage

When working with any pediatric client, we not only address their physical ailments, but their emotional care as well. This is not to say that we are acting out of our scope. We would never diagnose depression, but rather we must always use our best skills to support the possibilities that emotional support is needed. As a professional practitioner, we remember to empower the child by using a structured permission process, safe positioning and giving choices. Permission will always be obtained from our pediatric clients, and proper support should be provided the ensure safety, trust and open communication.

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