Boost Your Immune System with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Boost Your Immune System with MLD

The human body’s lymphatic system eliminates body waste. This system consists of fluids that push toxins and waste out of body tissues. The natural movement of muscle tissues helps the lymphatic system remove waste.

Health issues, medical conditions, or surgery can cause the fluid in the lymphatic system to accumulate. This fluid buildup is called lymphedema. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) helps drain the excess fluid within the lymphatic system.

Doctors may recommend (MLD) massage for patients with medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and lymphedema. A surgery or medical procedure that removes lymph nodes or impacts the nodes, can cause lymphedema. So, MLD is also recommended for patients that have had surgery related to their lymph nodes.

It is important to approach a licensed massage therapist for an MLD.

What Happens during an MLD Massage?

MLD massage consists of only light and gentle touches on the skin. MLD starts with relaxing lymphatic breathing, which helps lymph fluid gain momentum and move through the lymph nodes and vessels.

The therapist then massages the neck using the index and middle fingers. The sides and back of the neck are then massaged using the palms.

These light movements prepare the neck to receive the fluid as it moves down. The fluid will eventually move into the lymphatic duct, and finally into the circulatory system.

Next, the arms and knees are prepared to receive lymph fluids from other parts of the body. Light pumping movements and gentle hand-pressing are used to direct fluid to these areas.

Upper body areas such as the chest, arms, shoulders, hands and fingers, are massaged next to relieve them of lymph fluid. Lower body parts, including upper and lower legs, thighs, and toes, are massaged next for draining the fluid.

Specialist massage touches such as strokes, pumping movements, forward and backward presses, stretching, and finger presses, are used to drain fluids. This is why a certified and trained specialist is a must for MLD massage.

The massage ends with the intake of plenty of fluids such as water. This ensures that the lymph fluid is flushed out.

The duration of the massage depends on the extent of fluid stagnation. It can last from 30 minutes to an hour.

How MLD Boosts your Immune System?

  • MLD circulates lymph throughout the body. The specialist massaging technique using light finger and hand movements spreads the fluid throughout the body easily.

This ease of movement makes the fluid quickly available to the body to process wastes. As a result, toxins and wastes are easily and quickly flushed out of the body. Waste elimination boosts the immune system naturally. The immune system is reenergized.

  • MLD ensures that lymph fluid is in balance throughout the body. Lymph influences the body’s immune system response. So, by maintaining the fluid in balance, the immune response is well-regulated.
  • Lymph removes toxins and bacteria from tissues. By maintaining lymph in balance, MLD massage prevents toxin accumulation. Toxins are also flushed out by the lymphatic system smoothly. These improvements lead to better immune health.
  • MLD improves blood circulation, which leads to a more efficient distribution of white blood cells throughout the body. This improves immune action.

In Conclusion

The quality of benefits that MLD massage can offer depends on the skill of the therapist. Taking appropriate MLD precautions is crucial as well. A well-performed MLD can do wonders for your body.

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