Autism Treatment For Children Using Touch-based Massage

Autism Massage Treatment Training at Orlando Massage Clinic

A nervous spectrum disorder referred to as Autism affects the emotional, social, physical and cognitive health of an individual. Symptoms vary from one child to the next. The symptoms could be difficulty communicating, repetitive behavioral patterns and an almost obsessive interest in something. When this is recognized at an early stage, various therapies can help the child lead a regular and qualitative life. Massage therapy has been proven advantageous for a child to help reduce stress, calm muscular spasms and generally relax the child.

Tools and Training to Treat Autism

Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) massage is a proven, touch-based autism treatment for children that parents perform for 15 minutes each day for up to two years to normalize sensory issues and reduce or eliminate symptoms of autism. Results are apparent after as few as 30 days of treatment. QST massage for autism is unique among autism treatments because it grants children access to normal development, helps them feel comfortable and connected to others, and improves lifetime outcomes.

How QST Massage for Autism Works

Research shows that children with autism have early loss of child-to-parent bonding, as well as loss of the ability to feel pleasure and reassurance with parent touch. Instead they near-universally reject, avoid, or fail to notice touch. Without the ability to enjoy touch and close physical contact, children aren’t socially receptive and can’t be soothed by parent touch. Before long, social delay and abnormal behavior are evident.

Research shows that pleasure and bonding with gentle touch are mediated by tiny sensory nerves in the skin, and when these nerves are damaged, children lose pleasure and bonding with touch. Fortunately, the damage is reversible, and treatment with QST massage for autism returns the sense of touch to normal. This improves bonding, stimulates social development and eliminates autistic behavior.

We offer training in the practical skills needed for parents / caregivers to treat their own child. 

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