8 Benefits of Reiki Massage Therapy

Reiki Massage Therapy 

Reiki (roughly translated from the Japanese as “spiritually-guided life energy”) is powerful form of energy healing. The goal of Reiki massage therapy is quite simple, yet simultaneously profound: to restore a healthy and flowing energy balance deep within the body. Premised on the idea that blocks and/or imbalances in our vital life force, or “qi” (pronounced “chee”) make us susceptible to physical and mental disturbances, Reiki promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness by unblocking and rebalancing that natural flow of energy.  

Should I try Reiki? We get that question a lot, and the answer is nearly always a resounding YES!  

We have found that most of our clients experience profound benefits from Reiki, whether they are looking to relieve stress, manage specific symptoms, or simply improve their outlook. By promoting a healthy flow of natural energy and enabling deep relaxation, Reiki (sometimes also called Reiki massage when combined with massage therapy) is ideal for anyone who needs assistance coping with daily stresses or stressful life transitions or who is struggling with anxiety, depression, or other emotional concerns. Yet it’s also ideal for individuals who simply want to maintain a sense of harmony, wellness, and spirituality.  

Here are 8 reasons why you should try Reiki Massage Therapy! 

Promotes Harmony, Balance, and Well-being 

Reiki is a powerful, non-invasive therapy designed to restore the healthy flow of energy that we all need for overall wellness. By correcting imbalances and unblocking areas where energy has stagnated, Reiki enhances the body’s natural healing ability for greater harmony and overall wellness.  

Facilitates Deep Relaxation 

Reiki allows the body to release the stress and tension we carry with us on a daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it. By giving patients space to step away from “doing” into simply “being”, Reiki helps us listen to and be aware of the needs of both our body and our mind, enabling us to choose inner peace and wisdom.   

Promotes a Healthy Balance Between Mind, Body, and Spirit 

When our mind, spirit, and body are out of balance, we cannot begin to address even simple stresses, never mind deeper emotional distress, which can in turn make us susceptible to physical illness. By bringing the mind, spirit, and body back into balance, we enjoy a calmer, more peaceful state of being, enhance our mental clarity, and even promote our capacity to love, which then facilitates both physical and emotional health.   

Promotes the Body’s Natural Ability to Self-Heal 

When our natural energy is out of balance, our mind gets stuck in a stress-reactive “fight or flight” response, which creates a build-up of toxins and limits the body’s ability to self-heal. Reiki takes us out of that instinctive response, restoring the natural balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and enabling the body to begin self-healing.  

Clears the Mind for Improved Focus 

It’s easy to spend too much time worrying about what might happen or feeling regrets about what should have happened. By promoting deep relaxation, Reiki helps clear the mind so we can stay centered on the present, strengthening our ability to focus on what is important right now.  

Improves Sleep Patterns 

We all know how difficult it is to cope with physical or emotional distress when we are overtired because of disrupted sleep patterns. Reiki massage can significantly improve sleep, promoting clear thinking and greater focus, and enabling our body to better heal. Some clients even find themselves experiencing restorative sleep during a Reiki session!  

Aids Spiritual Growth 

By addressing the whole person, instead of individual systems, Reiki can create subtle yet profound shifts deep within our being. Whether this helps you think more clearly about difficult situations, inspires a change in attitude, or enables you to listen to answers from within, many people find Reiki to be an important element of spiritual growth and personal journeys. 

Supports Physical Healing 

Reiki should not be to treat a specific disease or illness. However, when used in conjunction with conventional treatments, Reiki can help offer relief from physical symptoms, including chronic pain. Promoting relaxation, a positive attitude, and overall wellness can help accelerate the healing process!  

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